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Frequently Asked Questions
What shall I do if I don’t have trust in my housemaid?
If you have some doubts in the human decency of your housekeeping staff but you don’t have any real grounds for it, you can use two ways to settle this problem.
Some things disappear in my shop
n such case you have to consider the situation in two ways – a theft of the goods by the purchasers and stealing of the goods by the shop employees.
Help to maintain my innocence!
The corporate group “Komandor” provides the full range of the legal services related to any advising and practical assistance in the sphere of the legislation
How to protect my house from the robbers?
First of all you have to pay your attention to the conditions of the technical resistance of the civil engineering building structure against burglary
How to examine the employees while employing?
Scarcely ever an interview with the prospective employee gives possibility to determine his/her aptitude for the capacity or to examine the truthfulness of the personal data provided.
What is to be done in the house before the long-lasting business trip?
The evenness in the long-lasting business trip will be provided by installation of the security-burglar signaling system with the run-out key to the Central Guard Console (CGC).
A large transaction is expected. How to avoid problems?
First of all at the transaction preparation time it is required to examine the business reputation of the partner or counter-agent, his real possibility to fulfill the contractual commitments, factual availability of the declared resources and assets.
It is required to deny access of the frontline employees to some premises
To deny access to some premises there are used the access control systems (ACS).
I am interested in security at the office entry. How does it work?
At the office entry there is arranged a security desk equipped with an alarm button for the rapid response team call.
How to protect the customer database from the breach?
The methods and ways to breach any electronic databases are upgraded constantly.
It is required to examine the company stability for the investments.
The corporate group “Komandor” has developed the full complex of the measures for examination of the business reputation of any enterprises and establishments, actual financial and economic activity, their profitability and stability, availability of the facilities, resources and assets declared
How to find the money disappeared? There are all the friends in the house!
Our specialists will perform the internal investigation civilly and professionally, while guaranteeing confidentiality to the information discovered. Furthermore we offer to use the polygraph (lie detector) test, that will approve or disprove your relatives’ fault.
It is required to examine the work of a distant affiliate branch.
To control the work of the distant affiliate branches and units efficiently we offer to install the CCTV in the premises of the branch with the video monitoring in the headquarters. Thus you will watch on-line what happens there.
It is required to approve or disprove suspicion of theft
The internal investigations by the specialist of the corporate group “Komandor” will help to establish involvement of some employee into a theft.

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