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Personal safety is a package of measures aimed at prevention, revelation and neutralization of consequences of life and health risks. The notion of personal safety is also applied to family members and relatives.

These days when the growth of unemployment, decrease of human wellbeing, uncontrolled spread of weapons lead to the rise in crime of violent nature (robberies, plunders, kidnapping etc.), one has to think of personal safety, protection of relatives and family more and more often. And one shouldn’t view this problem self-confidently.
The group of companies “Komandor” offers a wide range of measures for personal protection and safety of your family members.

First of all, these are bodyguard services that will guarantee your own and your family’s protection from criminal offence.
For personal security the places where you may appear to be in danger (at work, home, countryside cottage etc.) should be protected. We recommend you to use the physical security of the object, security emergency alarm, button of emergency call of a rapid action team.
If you suspect that your life and health are endangered, we recommend you to employ the detective services that would allow confirming or disprove the apprehensions, and also collecting of material for filing a request to the law enforcement authorities. Detective services are also effective if you want to find out the reasons for nervousness or depression of children and relatives in case they behave in a reserved way and don’t go into frankness, but still you feel they’ve got into trouble.

Apart from the physical threats, there also exist the virtual ones. In the times of development of high technologies the threats to the personal safety may also await you in the international computer network of the Internet. With the purpose of prevention of account breaking, theft and unauthorized use of your fundamental data, photos, your personal information, passwords for access to the bank accounts, credit cards etc. we offer you to use the IT-security services.

These services may be order both as a complex and separately. Our specialists will analyse the possible risks and will offer you the most appropriate combination of services for your safety and protection of your family.

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