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Security emergency alarm (SEA) is a package of measures that provide detection of unauthorized intrusion to the guarded object and alarm transmission for prompt response.

Armoured doors and window gratings cannot always stop the criminal who intends to gain access to your house, apartment, office, industrial, shopping or storage premises. A security emergency alarm will guarantee the protection of the premises from the burglars and of your property.

A distinction is made between an autonomous and centralized security emergency alarm.

If you install autonomous SEA, the alarm signal is transmitted via GRPS-channel to the customer’s cell phone, who can himself decide what to do in this situation.

If you install a centralized SEA, the alarm signal arrives via GPRS-channel to the Central Security Console (security monitoring service), then an operator promptly sends to the object a rapid action team, whose task is to inspect integrity of the object’s constructions (doors, windows etc.), if signs of unauthorized intrusion were detected – to apprehend criminals or to clock their way out until the customer or a law enforcement official arrives.

The greatest effect is reached if the security emergency alarm is used together with security video surveillance that gives an opportunity to see the reason for the alarm immediately and to conduct a prompt investigation.

The system of the security emergency alarm, depending on the given security tasks, is completed with the supersensitive sensors which react to opening of the entrance door and windows, unusual sounds in the premises, breaking of the window-glasses, movement inside of the guarded object. The quality of these devices allows adjusting of the alarm in such a way that you may, for example, leave a cat at home, not being worried that his actions would trigger alarm actuation, but at the same time, the intrusion of a burglar will be discovered immediately.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers services of design, installation and maintenance of the security emergency alarms of any complexity. Our specialists will analyse the technical resistance of the object and possible risks of intrusion, will design

the effective pattern of security emergency alarm equipment placement, will carry out selection and installation of the needed equipment. 
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