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Internal enterprise security is a package of analytical, operational, preventive and technical measures aimed at detection and prevention of potential internal risks for the financial and economic activity, and also elimination of conditions and reasons for their occurrence.

Correct selection of the employees and control of efficiency of usage of the working hours is a basic principle of successfulness. Usually the productivity of a brilliantly designed pattern of enterprise’s work is decreased by human factor. It might be a divestiture and secret sabotage of the innovations to the working process, conflicts inside the working collective, violation of working discipline, thefts of material and intellectual property of the enterprise, disclosure of information that are a commercial confidentiality etc.

For protection from the internal risks the group of companies “Komandor” offers to use the developed package of services for internal enterprise security, which includes checking up of the staff’s loyalty and reliability, reputations of the job candidates, carrying out of internal investigations, polygraph services (lie detector), detective service, provision of IT-security
We guarantee you absolute confidentiality and high quality of the rendered services.

For prevention of thefts of production and property by the staff, provision of high-quality control over the working discipline we offer to use the services of physical security, installation of access control and management systems, security video surveillance.
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