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POLYGRAPH (lie detector)

Polygraph (lie detector) is a facility used for evaluation of authenticity of the presented information by means of conduction of instrumental psychophysiological research for a simultaneous registration of breath’s characteristics, cardiovascular activity, electric resistance of the skin and other physiological parameters.

We often have to face such situations, both in business and family life, when we need to find a guilty one among the suspects, at the same time we don’t want to engage the law-enforcement authorities, but we can’t manage it ourselves. 

When solving such problems it is hard to stay candour and make a just decision, to determine, who is the liar and who tells the truth.
The necessity of lie detection appeared in the times when human started to gather in groups. As early as that it was noticed that the person who had committed a crime had undergone different changes of his/her physiological functions because of his fear. Work of a polygraph is grounded on this observation – recording and analysis of the changes of physiological parameters allows disclosing a suspect or find an unreliable employee.

The polygraph is also effective during hiring the candidates for the important positions, first of all, connected with the work with large amounts of money, with access to confidential information, work with children. With its help one may check the authenticity of biographic information of the candidate, his reliability, occurrence of alcoholic or drug addiction, his real motives for employment, and also the reasons for dismission from the previous job. 

The polygraph is so constructed that it is almost impossible to cheat. The group of the companies “Komandor” offers the services of a qualified polygraph examiner who will formulate a list of questions for a definite situation, detection of a law-breaker, checking ups of the candidates, loyalty and reliability of the staff, will carry out psychophysiological research and data analysis.
We guarantee absolute confidentiality and high quality of the rendered services.
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