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Home security is a package of measures aimed at prevention, revelation and neutralization of consequences of internal and outer risks of home security, preservation of health and life of your relatives, securing of inviolability of property and funds.

At all times provision of home and family safety was an objective of prime importance. Development of technologies allows solving this problem effectively and to the good quality. But one should think of it before the beginning of construction or a full repair.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers a wide range of measures for protection and safety of your family and house. Our specialists will analyse the technical resistance of your house and surrounding grounds, will design the effective pattern of protection from internal and outer risks, will provide installation and maintenance of equipment.

First of all, to protect the house from unauthorized intrusion of strangers, one should make provision of installation of security video surveillance and security emergency alarm with output to the security monitoring system. The button of emergency call of a rapid action team will secure your house from an assault when you’re at home and the alarm is turned off. The effective home safety is also ensured by the physical security and access control system.

Security and fire alarm will warn you about spontaneous ignitions (short-circuit failures, electric appliances’ fires due to voltage surges, spontaneous combustion of inflammable household chemicals etc.), gas and water leaks and floodings by the neighbours.

You shouldn’t also forget about the safety of your family and relatives. The group of companies “Komandor” offers a service package for provision of family safety, which includes checking of business and professional reputation of candidates for the jobs of domestic staff, loyalty of already working persons, conduction of internal investigations, polygraph services (lie detector), detective services, provision of IT-security. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

These services may be order both as a complex and separately. Our specialists will analyse the possible risks and will offer you the most appropriate combination of services for your business.

Elements of a Home Security

Security alarm
Outdoor video surveillance
Panic Button
Video monitoring
The detector lzhy
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