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Fire alarm (SFA) is a package of technical measures that provide detection of the fact of combustion, smoke contamination at the guarded object and alarm transmission for prompt response.

Nobody is proof against a fire, and sometimes it is simply impossible to fulfil all the requirements of fire safety because of construction peculiarities of the premises, optimum pattern of equipment placement, technological conditions of the working process, human factor etc. For timely detection and localization of fire areas, saving of people’s health and life, alleviation of fire damage it is necessary to install a security and fire alarm.

The system of security and fire alarm is completed with supersensitive sensors which react to the short-circuit failures, electric appliances’ fires due to voltage surges, spontaneous combustion of inflammable household chemicals, smoke contaminations in the premises. This system may be additionally equipped with additional sensors that react to the gas and water leaks and floodings by your neighbours.

The alarm signal is transmitted to the sound annunciator (a siren) and via GPRS-channel arrives to the Central Security Console (security monitoring service), then an operator promptly sends to the object a rapid action team, whose task is to inspect the object, if the signs of combustion are detected – to call the fire service of Ministry of Emergency

Situations, to evacuate people and to undertake primary measures for localization of the fire area.
Scope of fire alarm
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