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Physical security is a package of measures aimed at protection of life and health of the staff, protection of property and material values from criminal intrusions by means of employment of qualified guards.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers the services of qualified physical security employees, who passed the special training and have a corresponding certificate.

The advantages of the use of this service are obvious – the qualified security doesn’t serve only for monitoring of access to the object, but also for prevention and localization of conflicts, prevention of thefts and burglaries. The presence of a guard itself can often make the criminal leave his maleficent plan related to this object and to look for an easier take.

For more effective work of physical security it is worthwhile using the integrated services packages which also includes security video surveillance, security alarm and button of emergency call of a rapid action team that will allow carrying out qualitative monitoring of a large number of premises and territories with little effort.

Our specialists will analyse the possible risks of the secured object, will estimate the alignment of forces and, on that basis, will offer you the most appropriate combination of services for high-quality object protection from criminal intrusions.
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