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Security video surveillance is a package of technical measures that provide permanent video recording of events at the guarded object with consequent video archiving.

Installation of the security video surveillance system will provide optimum control over compliance with the technical processes and working discipline, detection and video recording of the facts of unauthorized intrusions to the guarded object, of burglaries, thefts and other illegal actions.

The security video surveillance system is completed with the cameras, a monitor, to which the images from the cameras are transferred in the real-time mode, and with a video event recorder that archives all the materials of video surveillance and allows watching them in necessary.

In case you need a permanent tracking of processes in the real-time mode, we recommend using the service of physical security. A qualified guard will provide prompt reaction to the attempt of theft of goods, violation of working discipline etc.

Nowadays it became possible to carry out video control with the help of a smart phone, tablet or notebook. Anytime in any place where there is an Internet connection, you may enter the system of security video surveillance and watch the actions of your child’s nanny, company’s staff etc. Use of security video surveillance together with a security emergency alarm gives an opportunity to see the reason of an alarm signal from the distance and to undertake the corresponding measures.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers services of design, installation and maintenance of the security video surveillance systems of any complexity. Our specialists will analyse the object and possible internal and outer risks, will design the effective pattern of security video surveillance equipment placement, will carry out selection and installation of the needed equipment.
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