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Detective services are a package of preventive, analytical, investigative and technical measures aimed at collection and fixation of information about the persons and their connections, carrying out the investigations, search of people and property.

Detective services may be made use of in any tricky situations in every field of activity and complicated family relationships.

The group of companies “Komandor” provides professional services in the sphere of criminal and debtor tracking, collection and analysis of information about the business partners, contracting agents, job candidates and current employees, conduction of internal investigations, detection of persons and objects under surveillance, detection of technical devices of electronic espionage, wiretapping and covert video surveillance and a host of other things related to revealing and neutralization of internal and inner threats.

In order to solve the family problems, a detective will check out the fidelity and decency of a close person, will carry out surveillance over a child (a teenager), analysis of his/her behaviour, determine his/her circle of contacts, development of measures for prevention of unwanted consequences (alcoholism, drug addiction, illegal activity, leaving of home).

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and high quality of rendered services.
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