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Business security is a package of measures aimed at prevention, revelation and neutralization of consequences of internal and outer risks of financial and economic activity, preservation of health and life of the employees, securing of inviolability of property and funds.

Understanding of necessity of security nowadays presents with a choice of forms and methods of one’s business protection from criminal trespasses.
The group of companies “Komandor” renders a wide range of security and safety services most effective for the subjects of big, medium and small business. We offer protection both from the internal and outer risks.

For providing protection from unauthorized penetration of strangers to the object (offices, storage and industrial premises, shopping units etc.), prevention of thefts, burglaries, armed assaults, and also thefts of production and property by the staff, the high-quality effect is achieved by means of use of integrated services, such as physical security, access control system, installation of security video surveillance systems, fire alarm, security alarm with output to security monitoring system, use of button of emergency call of a rapid action team.
For providing safety of goods, encashment process, monetary and material values transfer we offer to make use of services of cargo escorting, security of encashment and material values transfer, for personal safety during the trips – personal protection (bodyguard services).
During conduction of financial and economic activity not least important is the right choice of reliable partners and honest contracting agents. For these purposes we developed an entire service package for provision of economic security of financial and economic activities, which includes checking of business reputation of partners and contractors, Provision of security during conclusion of transactions.

You shouldn’t also forget about the internal business security, possibility of swindle or thefts by the staff. To protect you from these risks we offer to use the developed service package for internal enterprise security, which includes checking of the staff’s loyalty, reputation of job candidates, internal investigations, polygraph services (lie detector), detective services, provision of IT-security.
These services may be order both as a complex and separately. Our specialists will analyse the possible risks and will offer you the most appropriate combination of services for your business.

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