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Security monitoring system is a package of forces and technical measures that provide protection of the objects by means of 24-hour supervision over the condition of technical security devices with the ability of quick customer notice and/or sending the mobile rapid action teams to the alarm signals.

Security monitoring system is the most effective means to protect the guarded object from criminal intrusions, as it includes prompt response to the alarm signals of a security emergency alarms, security and fire alarms, button of emergency call of a rapid action team. For complete safety it is excellent to have all the named services, but for security monitoring system one can be just enough.

The alarm signal arrives via GPRS-channel to the Central Security Console (security monitoring service), then an operator promptly sends to the object a rapid action team, whose task is to inspect integrity of the object’s constructions (doors, windows etc.), if signs of unauthorized intrusion were detected – to apprehend criminals or to clock their way out until the customer or a law enforcement official arrives.

The greatest effect is reached if the Central Security Console is linked to the security emergency alarm together with security video surveillance that gives an opportunity for the operator to see the reason for the alarm immediately and to employ the action plan, necessary for this situation.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers services of security monitoring. Our specialists will analyse the technical resistance of the object and possible internal and outer risks, will develop recommendations for installation of security emergency, security and fire alarms, video surveillance with an output to the Central Security Console, will carry out selection and installation of the needed equipment.
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