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IT-security is a process of provision of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. 

At the present time all spheres of life and business become more dependent on information technologies, and there is much tension around the issue of protection of information from unauthorized utilization, disclosure, pilfering, theft, and also from hacking and failure of computer system. The same refers to telephone communications and other communicational systems. 

To solve this problem, we have to provide for confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Confidentiality implies provision of access to information only for the authorized users, integrity of information means provision of authenticity and completeness of information and methods of its processing, availability of information infers provision of access to information and connected with it actives of the authorized users as and when necessary. 

The group of companies “Komandor” offers a service of IT-security. Our specialists will determine informational and technical resources that are liable to security. They will detect potentially possible dangers and information leakage channels, on the grounding of which they will evaluate the vulnerability and risks of your information. They’ll define the requirement for a security system, make a selection of means of information protection and their characteristics. The will organize utilization of the chosen measures, ways and means of protection. They’ll provide integrity control and security system management. 

Human factor is not less important in maintenance of IT-security. To feel certain of your employees we recommend you to use the service of internal enterprise security provision, which includes checking up of the staff’s loyalty and reliability, reputations of the job candidates and of their immediate circle, carrying out of internal investigations, polygraph services (lie detector), detective services.
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