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Access control and management systems (ACMS) is a package of technical measures meant for solving the tasks related to limitation of access to then guarded object, visit control and staff’s time-booking (computation of working hours).

The problem of reliable access restriction for the casual and unwanted people to the territory of an object, especially a secure one, is quite common. Not of less importance is detection and recording of violations of working regime by the employees (late-comings, early quits, absences). It can be handled with the help of an access control and management system.

ACMS is equipped with tourniquets, doors with electric locks for access control systems, electromechanic gates etc. As an electronic pass in the access control system and for working hours’ registration may be used different proximity cards, bracelets and fobs. With the use of software, a staff base is created and each employee is granted an individual electronic code, a card, bracelet or fob is programmed, with the help of which the system will later identify an employee when he passes the control system.

Thus, installation of ACMS will provide automation of access control of the staff and visitors to the guarded territory, and will also give an opportunity to keep a complete record of the staff’s working hours and have high-security accountability.

The group of companies “Komandor” offers services of design, installation and maintenance of the Access control and management systems of any complexity. Our specialists will analyse the object and possible outer and internal risks, will design the effective pattern of correct organization structure’s building, differentiation between the rights of entering to the territory, of equipment placement and software of ACMS, will carry out selection and installation of the needed equipment
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